In Marriage QDRO® As an Alternative to the In-Service Distribution

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  • Post last modified:September 1, 2023

An In-Service Distribution is often a valuable tool in planning a client’s financial situation. It allows your client to access funds prior to retirement, which affords them increased flexibility and control to pursue asset diversification. However, there are limitations to In-Service Distributions. What if:

  • Your client’s plan does not allow In Service Distributions (30% of plans do not)?
  • Your client is under 59 ½ years old and wanted to liquidate the funds without incurring the 10% withdrawal fee?
  • Your client wants to access more than the plan’s amount limitations?

What is your strategy to solve any of these situations? We suggest that you consider the In Marriage QDRO® (IMQ) strategy as an alternative to the In-Service Distribution without these three restrictions. It can be performed with any qualified retirement plan. All clients, at any age, can use the IMQ to liquidate funds without the 10% penalty when an important need arises. Lastly, there are no amount limitations. An IMQ is not limited to employee contributions; it can be used to transfer all vested interest in a 401k.

When a client’s financial planning objectives can be met by an In-Service Distribution, it should clearly be the first option. It is quicker, and more importantly, free. However, when your client’s situation falls outside what an In-Service Distribution can accommodate, an In Marriage QDRO® can be a valuable (and possibly the only) alternative. 

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