IMQ Application #13: Buy Property with 401k funds

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  • Post last modified:September 1, 2023


Imagine the ability of taking the money in your 401k and purchasing real estate instead of keeping your investments in the stock market rollercoaster.  This can be done with the In-Marriage QDRO ®.  If you know about self-directed IRAs, a tax-free rollover can free your funds from the restricted 401k into an IRA thereby freeing you up to purchase one or multiple rental properties.  If you would prefer to buy property outside of an IRA or you need the down payment on your dream home, our strategy can access the 401k funds WITHOUT THE 10% PENALTY that haunts many workers trying to access their own funds.

Whether you are a realtor trying to give options to your client’s, an aspiring real estate mogul trying to build a rental empire or just a regular worker trying to build or remodel their own home, the ability to utilize the funds from a 401k without penalty or restriction should be investigated.  Contact us to get more details.