IMQ Application #17: Open a Business Funded by Your 401k or Pension via ROBS

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  • Post last modified:September 1, 2023


Do you have a client who is a 401k participant that always wanted to open a business, but didn’t have enough capital investment to do so? IMQ can help.

Take for example:

George is on the tail end of his company employment and will retire in less than 5 years.  He wants to open a business now so that he can be profitable upon his retirement.  The problem is that George will not have enough money to fund the business venture until his gets access to his 401k or Pension upon retirement.

Our solution:

An In Marriage QDRO® allows George to roll over up to 100% of his 401k or Pension to his spouse.  George’s spouse can start the business now funded by the rollover IRA.  It is a strategy called ROBS (Roll Over Business Startup).  If George believes that this business idea can be more stable or profitable than future stock market investments, he may wish to investigate this unique strategy that often does not get looked at until retirement.  The In Marriage QDRO® allows this to be a possibility today.