is a partner at Kuehne & Foote, APLC,

where he focuses exclusively on community property divisions, military divorces, & Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs). He has been board-certified in the area of family law by the Louisiana Board of Specialization since January 2002. Mr. Foote is a former Chairman of the Louisiana State Bar Association Family Law Council and current board member, as well as past president of the Baton Rouge Bar Association Family Law section. In 1992, Mr. Foote earned his B.A. degree, with honors, from the Louisiana Scholars’ College Regents Program located at Northwestern State University. In 1995, Mr. Foote earned his J.D. from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University.

Since 2005, Marcus has compiled a databank of hundreds of companies for which he has performed QDROs and estimates approximately 2,000 executed QDROs. Marcus has been qualified as an expert in multiple Louisiana district courts for testimony regarding retirement plans. Marcus also serves as a consultant for attorneys throughout Louisiana advising in niche areas of community property and strategic planning, retirement plan valuations, preparation of retirement division orders, and military pension benefits.

In 2014, after years of executing QDROs for divorcing parties, he developed the concept and procedure for executing QDROs for couples who are married with no plans to separate or divorce. With the assistance and advice of several financial advisors, he and his team developed a nationwide practice assisting financial advisors and their clients access qualified funds to use in a variety of strategies.

He has been published both locally in Louisiana on QDROs in general and nationally in the peer-reviewed Journal of Financial Service Professionals on the subject of the In Marriage QDRO®.