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Give Your Clients Access and Control Over Their ERISA-Based
Retirement Accounts Without Penalty or Restriction

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) are typically used to divide qualified funds between divorcing spouses after a property settlement. In Marriage QDRO® utilizes the same statutory authority to facilitate the transfer of funds between married spouses—from a husband’s 401(k) to a wife’s IRA, for example—giving the couple greater investment flexibility and a host of other benefits.

In Marriage QDRO®, LLC provides consulting, drafting, and back office support to legal and financial professionals to enable their married clients to access ERISA-based retirement accounts without penalties or excise taxes. The In Marriage QDRO® is an innovative application of a time-honored statutory right.

An In Marriage QDRO® has Many
Practical Applications, Including:

Investment Diversification

• Delay Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
• Create and Fund a Roth IRA
• Fund a Self-Directed IRA
• Buy Investment Property
• Buy Alternative Investments
• Pay College Expenses
• Create a Guaranteed Pension
• Transfer Funds Away from an Underfunded Pension

Tax Planning

• Liquidate 401(k) Funds at Lower Tax Rates and Without Penalty
• Access Cash During Tax Years with Large Write-Offs
• Earlier Access to Cash
• Avoid Normal In-Service Distribution Rules

Estate/Medicaid Planning

• Convey Corporate Pensions or Retirement Plans from an Institutionalized Spouse to a Well Spouse Without Penalty
• Provide for a Spouse in a Prenuptial Agreement Regime
• Address Marital Issues Without a Divorce
• Medicaid LTC Planning
• Buy Time from State Employment to Retire Early

What’s in it for You?

401(k) Plans, Corporate Pension Plans, Profit Sharing Plans and State-Deferred Compensation Plans

A tool previously associated with divorcing spouses works for married couples, allowing them unrestricted access to retirement benefits without penalty. Unrestricted, non-penalized access offers more effective estate planning and protection opportunities for those who serve married clients.


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