IMQ Application #4: Save Client’s Pension from the Nursing Home

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  • Post last modified:September 1, 2023


Have you ever been able to save 100% of a client’s pension when he/she is going into a nursing home?  Often, the spouse who remains at home gets their income cut in half or worse. We have developed a strategy that allows the stay-at-home spouse to keep 100% of the participant’s 401k.

In most states, if not all states, there is no limitation or look back provision for transfers to a spouse.  Additionally, federal requirements only group together spouses when looking at assets in the asset test.  A pension is considered income, not an asset.  Therefore, an In Marriage QDRO® transfer of a pension would allow the parties to more easily meet the income test, thereby allowing the stay-at-home spouse to keep 100% of the pension.

Save your client’s tens of thousands of dollars and be the hero of this aging couple who needs your help.  Contact us to get more information.