IMQ Application # 28: Get Pension Lump Sum Now before Interest Rates Rise

Posted on: February 11, 2022

  For your clients with pensions, have you recommended some forgo the monthly annuity benefits for a lump sum that can be rolled over into a diversified portfolio? For example: George has been with his company 21 ye

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IMQ Strategy #26: Exiting 401(k) Plans with Limited Investment Options

Posted on: February 4, 2022

401(k)s provide limited investment options. Under your management, your clients retirement can grow at a much higher rate than it could in a 401(k). For example: George’s 401k Plan has limited investment options.  He

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IMQ Strategy #5: Save the 401(k) funds when entering a nursing home

Posted on: January 26, 2022

Most estate planning attorneys have probably faced this problem: George is sick and needs to go into a nursing home. George has a large 401(k) in his name, larger than the $120,000 combined asset threshold. How can you h

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IMQ Application #1: Diversify Investments Ahead of Retirement

Posted on: January 11, 2022

Do you have clients with a 401(k) that are within 5 years of retirement? They may be looking to diversify their assets, and IMQ can help you unlock these funds. For example: George is 56 years old and is 4 years away fro

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IMQ Application #17: Open a Business Funded by Your 401k or Pension via ROBS

Posted on: January 4, 2022

  Do you have a client who is a 401k participant that always wanted to open a business, but didn’t have enough capital investment to do so? IMQ can help. Take for example: George is on the tail end of his company

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401(k) Plans, Corporate Pension Plans, Profit Sharing Plans and State-Deferred Compensation Plans

A tool previously associated with divorcing spouses works for married couples, allowing them unrestricted access to retirement benefits without penalty. Unrestricted, non-penalized access offers more effective estate planning and protection opportunities for those who serve married clients.


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